Hello, my name is Richard Gererro, I am a Venezuelan immigrant and like many I went through very critical moments, going through an emotional crisis, it was difficult for me to fall asleep, concentrate or motivate myself, I lost my appetite, I went through episodes of anxiety, obesity and irritability . They were difficult times, which I took advantage of with the support of my wife to find a solution and get out of the emotional hole I was in.

From there, I began to attend psychologists, to train and change my life with other habits, both physical and mental. I noticed that I was not the only person who went through critical situations, depression and anxiety are global problems that many immigrants go through, due to the pressure that we sometimes have because we need to pay our debts.

This is why I organized myself, I consulted with physical trainers, developers, professionals in the digital, technological and marketing areas; With them I discovered that I could have in my hands the possibility of changing people's lives , finding a purpose that I could focus on.

From this purpose, Genius Fit Watch was born, a company that develops devices to change and improve the lifestyle of the Hispanic community that is willing to change their life to a healthier one.